Covana Evolution

Covana Evolution
Covana Evolution
Covana Evolution Covana Evolution Covana Evolution Covana Evolution Covana Evolution
Brand: Covana
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Covana Evolution

Automated spa cover

The Covana Evolution offers a wide range of solutions as it is compatible with square hot tubs from 7 to 8 feet and rectangular units from 8 x 9 foot to 8 x 11 foot and also for the first time, an automatic solution for round hot tubs up to 8 feet.

Its refined design gives the Covana Evolution a sleek and streamlined look while its adjustable size offers the greatest range of possibilities to fit larger hot tubs. Covana is proud to make elegance, security and ease-of-use available to you to make your spa experience a unique one!

At the turn of a key, the cover automatically lifts up and you have free access to your spa. The ease of the Covana Evolution will make you use your spa more frequently with more enjoyment.

Durable, energy efficient and safe

The Covana Evolution is made from durable materials and is also energy efficient. The cover itself is fully insulated so no heat is lost, and the lift system, similar to a garage door, uses only minimal power. The Covana Evolution fits on most spas and the cover provides a tight seamless connection.

The Covana is operated with a key allowing the spa to be locked safely and securely, which prevents your children or others from using your spa unauthorized.

Shades and Screens

  • The fabric roller Shades not only ensure the necessary privacy while using your spa, but also shelter you from rain and wind.
  • With the mesh roller Screens you can view everything around you from your spa without being seen.


  • 8 feet
  • 9 feet
  • 10 feet
  • 11 feet


  • Slate (gray)
  • Mocha (brown)
Covana EvolutionCovana Evolution