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SpaBalancer 2,5 liter
SpaBalancer 2,5 liter SpaBalancer in the 2.5 liter value container – ideal for swim spas. C..

hth Calcium Hypochlorite Granulaat (1 kg)

hth Calcium Hypochlorite Tabletten (1 kg)

hth Dry Chlorine Tabletten (2,5 kg)

hth Dry Chlorine Granulaat (2,5 kg)

hth Dry Chlorine Granulaat (5 kg)

hth Dry Chlorine Granulaat (10 kg)

hth Sticks Chloortabletten 300g (4,5 kg)

hth pH Minus Poeder (2 kg)

hth pH Minus Poeder (5 kg)

hth pH Plus Poeder (1,2 kg)

hth pH Plus Poeder (5 kg)

hth FlocFix zakjes

hth FlocFix vloeibaar

hth Borkler Gel

Soft Touch
Soft Touch Spa Water-Care Soft Touch from SPA Line is a two-bottle system to make and mai..

SpaBalancer Chlorine-free and biological water care SpaBalancer is the innovation that en..

AquaPerfect box
AquaPerfect AquaPerfect one step water treatment - 100% biological, 100% chlorine free! B..

SpaClarity Water care kit SpaClarity is a two-component product especially designed f..

Nature² Spa
Nature² Spa Without doubt the most efficient spa treatment! Nature² Spa is suitable for a..

Alkalinity Increaser
Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser Alkalinity increaser Alkalinity is important to be able..

Calcium Booster
Leisure Time Calcium Booster Water hardness increaser Raises the level of water hardness,..

Liquid Spa Down
Leisure Time - Liquid Spa Down pH reducer Gently and easily lowers critical pH level with..

Liquid Spa Up
Leisure Time - Liquid Spa Up pH increaser Gently and easily increases critical pH level w..

pH Balance
Leisure Time pH Balance pH stabilizer Stabilizes the pH level of the water. This prevents..

Bright & Clear
Leisure Time - Bright & Clear Clarifier Bright & Clear keeps the water clear by c..

Leisure Time Defender Decalcifier Especially designed to prevent scale formation in spas,..

Metal Gon
Leisure Time Metal Gon Metal remover Neutralizes iron, copper and other minerals in the w..

Leisure Time Renew Non-chlorine shock oxidizer Renew non-chlorine shock oxidizer is a fas..

Spa Clear Water
Spa Clear Water Clarifier Special product for the neutralization of dirt, soap and oi..