SC795 Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser Pre-Filter

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Darlly Pure-Stream Pre-Filter De-Ioniser SC795

Eliminates Calcium from tap water before entering your spa!

No more scale - no more hard water in the spa.
Using the Pure-Stream is like filling your spa with pure natural bottled water!

The Darlly Pure-Stream pre-filter uses ion-exchange resins within the filter to transform calcium and magnesium into sodium by means of ion exchange. Following this process, your water has the same quality as mineral water.

This process removes the calcium and magnesium from the water source leaving the limescale in the filtered water suspended where it cannot cling to equipment or surfaces and producing soft water.

This is highly beneficial because lime scale deposits are very damaging to the surface and to the internal workings of the spa and often uncomfortable for the bather.

This is a reusable filter. To retain its effectiveness refresh the filter’s capability by adding saline solution (diluted salt water) into the cartridge, ensuring the water-tight end caps are replaced.

Especially effective in hard water areas. The Pure-Steam can be used with all conventional water treatments.

Nothing could be simpler the PureStream fits on to the end of a garden hose and filters out the calcium in the water as it passes through the filter when filling the spa. The Pure-Stream should be effective for up to 6 fills (average 250 gallons per fill) for a maximum of 2 years.

Using the Pure-Stream is not the same as using a water softener - this pre-filter de-ionises the calcium thus rendering it harmless in its solid state to your system.

  • No more chalky or flaky deposits in the hot tub
  • No more harmful limescale to clog the filter cartridge
  • No more build-up of limescale to damage the heater element
  • Reduced cost of water softening chemicals

Darlly filter cartridges are precision engineered and are built using Reemay filtration fabric.

See Specification tab for all details about this filter.

Filter Dimensions
Length (cm)
Length (inches)
7 1/2
Diameter (cm)
Diameter (inches)
7 1/4
SC795 Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser Pre-FilterSC795 Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser Pre-Filter
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