Camylle Voile de Sauna - Polynésie

Voile de Sauna - Polynésie
Voile de Sauna - Polynésie
Brand: Camylle
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Camylle Voile de Sauna - Polynésie

Regenerating with vanilla and fruit aromas

Fragrances based on pure and natural essential oils for sauna.
Voile de Sauna is totally soluble in water, and diffuses in generous quantities when the diluted solution is poured onto the hot stones of the stove (10 to 20 ml diluted in a litre of water).


An ingenious bouquet contains exotic jasmine, very pleasantly and exquisite sweet floral notes.

Voile de Sauna

Essential oils are fatty particles that remain on the surface when they are poured into the water. As a result, most products used in saunas give off scents that are created by the calcinations of the essential oils when they come into contact with the burning hot lava stones. Voile de Sauna's secret manufacturing method prevents this phenomenon and improves the diffusion and persistence of the aromatic plant molecules.


250 ml


These fragrances are totally soluble in water. Dilute on the basis of 10 to 20 ml per liter of water (1 to 2 stoppers) and pour the solution on to the hot stones on the stove. Enjoy the fragrances as they spread generously in the cabine. Never use pure essential oils in a sauna!