Camylle Velours de Spa - Elinya

Velours de Spa - Elinya
Velours de Spa - Elinya
Brand: Camylle
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Camylle Velours de Spa - Elinya

A slimming agent with pure intense aroma

Fragrances based on pure and natural essential oils for spa or jacuzzi.
Velours de Spa is totally soluble in water. The product is compatible with all the disinfection products. Velours de Spa is totally volatile not to leave residues in the filtration.


Elinya is mix of essential oils specially combined for their slimming virtues; mint for its digestive properties, orange for its action in rejuvenating tissues, lavender for its healing properties, rosemary for its anti-wrinkle properties, sage for its diuretic and anti-cellulite properties, and juniper for its draining, slimming action. These essential oils irrigate and nourish the tissues to help the skin recover its elasticity. Combined with the beneficial action of a sauna, steam bath or hydromassage, they will visibly improve the structure of the skin.

Velours de Spa

The various perfumes of the range can be mixed or used successively. Velours de Spa is recognized and approved by the most famous spa brands.


250 ml


Pour 2 or 3 stoppers directly into the water of your hot tub for a spa of an average volume of 1500 liters.