inSPAration Liquid Pearl - pillow packets

Liquid Pearl pillow packets
Liquid Pearl pillow packets
InSPAration Liquid Pearl
Brand: InSPAration Liquid Pearl
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inSPAration Liquid Pearl Aromatherapy pillow packets

Liquid Pearl Aromatherapy is featured in a sleek, crystal clear bottle. Its attractive packaging, fragrances and elegant look makes it a great addition to the inSPAration family.

With a unique variety of fruit, floral and herbal notes, Liquid Pearl™ is sure to please in any hydrotherapy environment.


  • Formulated to be used in spas, hot tubs and whirlpool baths
  • Safe for all surfaces and will not harm plumbing or equipment
  • Will not foam or leave unwanted residue
  • Natural essential properties will soften and moisturize your skin
  • Contents: 36 x 15 ml pillow packet trial size for single use

Liquid Pearl Aromatherapy is available in 12 different scents:

Contents Carton
36 x 15 ml