Signature Spirit Aromatherapy

Signature Spirit
Signature Spirit
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Signature Spirit Soul & Body Aromatherapy

inSPAration Signature Series

Rejuvenate yourself to be complete in your Spirit, Soul & Body with an exhilarating blend that opens with sparkling lemon and white peach nectar. A soft veil of golden amber and sheer exotic musk fades into warm mahogany woods for a serene ending.

Soak in the anti-aging natural botanical extracts of pomegranate, myrrh and beet with vitamins E & C to promote younger looking skin.

Scent: Signature Spirit Soul & Body
Contents: 236 ml (8 fl oz)


  • Formulated to be used in spas, hot tubs and whirlpool baths
  • Safe for all surfaces and will not harm plumbing or equipment
  • Will not foam or leave unwanted residue
  • Natural essential properties will soften and moisturize your skin
236 ml (8 fl oz)
Contents Carton
6 x 236 ml
Instructions for use
  • For spas and hot tubs add 2-3 capfuls
  • For whirlpool baths add until desired aroma is reached