Palintest Cool Pooltester

Cool Pooltester
Cool Pooltester
Brand: Melpool
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Palintest® Cool Pooltester

Electronic tester for Free Chlorine, pH and Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)

Your pool is meant to be appreciated, but the water must be reviewed regularly to ensure bather comfort and to protect against harmful bacteria such as E. coli.

Traditional analysis of pools is done by taking a sample from the water and adding a reagent tablet. Which then results in a colour that needs to be visually compared to a colour chart.

The new Cool Pooltester is different: it reads the color electronically and gives instant and accurate digital readout, this eliminates human error. The Cool Pooltester uses a similar technology to photometers used by professionals, while remaining easy to use, so that anyone can use it.

Range of results:

  • 0,1-5,00 mg/l for chlorine
  • 6,8-8,4 for pH
  • 0-200 mg/l for cyanuric acid

Delivery content:

  • Cool Pooltester
  • 4 tablets DPD1
  • 4 tablets pH-red
  • 4 tablets for cyanuric acid
145 mm
70 mm
45 mm
approx. 165 g (incl. batteries)
  • Scuba II in a robust plastic box
  • Tablet reagents:
    • 20 x DPD No.1 Photometer tablets
    • 10 x DPD No.3 Photometer tablets
    • 20 x Phenol Red Photometer tablets
    • 10 x CyA-Test tablets
    • 10 x Alka-M-Photometer tablets
  • 2 batteries (AAA)
  • Stirring rod
  • Instruction manual