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Soft Touch
Soft Touch Spa Water-Care Soft Touch from SPA Line is a two-bottle system to make and mai..

Spa Clear Water
Spa Clear Water Clarifier Special product for the neutralization of dirt, soap and oi..

Spa Defense
Spa Defense Decalcifier Special product to avoid mineral and copper scale on the tub ..

Spa pH Minus
Spa pH Minus Liquid pH reducer Use Spa pH Minus when the pH value of the spa water is..

Spa pH Plus
Spa pH Plus Liquid pH increaser Use Spa pH Plus when the pH value of the spa water is..

Spa Alkalinity Plus
Spa Alkalinity Plus Alkalinity increaser Raises total alkalinity and prevents bouncin..

Spa Calcium Plus
Spa Calcium Plus Water hardness increaser Raises the level of water hardness He..

Spa Foam Down
Spa Foam Down Alternative for Leisure Time Foam Down (no longer available) Foam remover ..

Spa Metal Clean
Spa Metal Clean Metal remover Special product to prevent mineral and copper scale on ..

Spa Tube Clean
Spa Tube Clean Pipe cleaner For cleaning of all tubing Before emptying the tub,..

Spa Cartridge Cleaner
Spa Cartridge Cleaner Filter cleaning solution Concentrated product with a deep-clean..

Spa Filter Cleaner
Spa Filter Cleaner Filter cleaner in powder form For removing oil, grease and calcium..

Spa Filter Net
Spa Filter Net Instant filter cleaner Special product for cleaning filter cartridges,..

Spa Cover Shine
Spa Cover Shine Cover cleaner and conditioner Special product for cleaning and protec..

Spa Outside Clean
Spa Outside Clean Spa exterior cleaner Professional plastics cleaner to clean the ext..

Spa Polish
Spa Polish Alternative for Leisure Time Fast Gloss (no longer available) Spa surface clea..

Spa Citrus Cleaner
Spa Citrus Cleaner Alternative for Leisure Time CitraBright (no longer available) Univers..

Spa Sponge
Spa Sponge Cleaning and application sponge This 2-sided reusable cleaning sponge safe..

Spa Duck
Spa Duck Floating absorption sponge Prevents scum line forming Eliminates the n..

Spa Pre-Filter
Spa Pre-Filter Removes common water contaminants before they enter the spa With the ever-..

Spa Pure Fill
Spa Pure Fill Eliminates Calcium from tap water before entering your spa! No more scale -..