Spa Pre-Filter

Spa Pre-Filter
Spa Pre-Filter
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SPA Line
Brand: SPA Line
Product Code: SPA-PREFL
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Spa Pre-Filter

Removes common water contaminants before they enter the spa

With the ever-increasing amount of contaminants found in domestic tap water it is advantageous to filter the water when filling the pool or spa.

The Spa Pre-Filter is 90% efficient at removing contaminants including: solids, dirt sediments, rust, iron, copper and other hard mineral deposits that could scratch your spa's surface and reduces staining.

The Spa Pre-Filter meets US Food and Drug Administration standards and is National Science Foundation certified.

Simply attach the Spa Pre-Filter to the end of a garden hose and begin to fill, it is as simple as that.

By reducing the amount of contaminants in the water before they enter the pool or spa the amount of chemicals needed, to create the perfect water conditions, are also reduced. Using the Pre-Filter also prolongs the life of your filter cartridge. By reducing hard mineral deposits from the water it is easier to chemically balance the water from the start, and fewer chemicals are required.

Filter Dimensions
Length (cm)
Length (inches)
7 1/2
Diameter (cm)
Diameter (inches)
7 1/4
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