SpaBalancer System Flush

System Flush
System Flush
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SpaBalancer System Flush

Highly effective cleaner for spa tubing

SpaBalancer System Flush is a highly effective cleaner for the recommended annual cleaning of your spa tubing.
Several meters of piping can be found in all spas. Varying flow behavior may result in dirt and biofilm settling in pipes. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your pipes thoroughly once a year.

SpaBalancer System Flush was developed for the intensive cleaning of spa pipes:

  • Quickly and aggressively removes biofilm
  • Removes calcium deposits
  • Removes fats and oils
  • Biocide formulation kills germs and bacteria

One bottle of SpaBalancer System Flush is sufficient for a spa with 1,500 liters of water. In particularly difficult cases (such as older, used spas) a double dosage may be used.

1 liter
Contents Carton
6 x 1 liter