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Paradise Spa Vac
Paradise Spa Vac The simple, inexpensive solution for cleaning your spa or pool The Parad..

Supa-Vac Underwater Vacuum
Supa-Vac Underwater Vacuum underwater vacuum Quickly clean or empty spas or any other..

Boreal Mano Vac
Boreal Mano Vac - Vacuum Wand Set The Boreal Manual-powered spa vacuum is ideal for vacuuming..

Boreal Rechargeable Spa Vacuum
Boreal Rechargeable Spa Vacuum Recommended for spas and small pools, and spot cleaning Reco..

Extenda Spa-Skim
Extenda Spa-Skim spa skimmer net Durable net with screw-fit handle For removing..

Spa Scoop
Spa Scoop spa surface rake Removes surface debris Unique round shape to fit contou..

Spa Brush
Spa Brush spa & hot tub brush Cleans the spa and hot tub interior quickly and eff..

Spa Pole
Spa Pole telescopic pole 3-piece fluted aluminium telescopic pole Extends from ..

Spa Disc
Spa Disc floating absorption disc Absorbs surface oils and grime, like suntan lotion ..

Spa Glove
Spa Glove cleaning glove Allows you to clean & protect the spa or hot tub all in one ..

Spa Absorb-it Sponge
Spa Absorb-it Sponge floating absorption sponge Spa Absorb-it Sponge helps to eliminate s..

Spa Measuring Jug
Spa Measuring Jug measuring Jug Transparent plastic jug with graduated increments. Allo..

Spa Cover Wipes
Spa Cover Wipes cover cleaning and protective wipes Unique cleaning formulation ..

Magic Foam Scrub Sponges
Magic Foam Scrub Sponges spa and swimming pool scrub sponges Ideal for cleaning pool ..

Spa Maintenance Kit
Spa Maintenance Kit spa & hot tub maintenance kit The ultimate spa cleaning and maint..

Spa Sponge
Spa Sponge Cleaning and application sponge This 2-sided reusable cleaning sponge safe..

Spa Duck
Spa Duck Floating absorption sponge Prevents scum line forming Eliminates the n..

Magic Cleaning Cloth
SpaBalancer Magic Cleaning Cloth The spa cleaning cloth cleans all greasy residues, even unde..

Water-Wand in use
Water-Wand filter cleaner Unique, world-first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner ..

Aqua Comb Spa
Aqua Comb Spa Combined with a quality spray cleaner makes cleaning spa filters a breeze A..

Filter Flosser
Filter Flosser Filter cleaning tool With the Filter Flosser, you’ll spend less time, ener..

Estelle automatic filter cleaner
Estelle automatic filter cleaner Spa filter cleaning system Estelle is a unique patented ..

Filter Blaster 1000
Filter Blaster 1000 Automatic filter cleaner Tired Of Cleaning Filters? The Blaster 1000 ..

Cyclone filter cleaner
Cyclone filter cleaner Filter Cleaner with reservoir for cleaning fluid The redesigned Cy..